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The most important idea behind every design is how can I make this an object that will last a lifetime or even longer. Besides lasting materials from the right sources its important that it has a story. We love to tell stories. And when a story fits perfectly with an object you could possibly have created a conversation piece that will become a heirloom.


After two years of lockdowns and social distancing during the Covid19 pandemic,  I created a chair to celebrate contact. Science shows that we need physical contact to survive. A physical touch is known to improve the function of your immune system as well as reduce diseases such as those associated with the heart and blood. But also with our psychological wellbeing.
The Whisper chair is inspired by the 19th century tête-à-tête chair with an ode to the simplicity of dutch and danish design. Build with recycled wood.

Selected for Dutch Design Week 2022



The Dutch Thriftstore 'De Lokatie' celebrates its 25th anniversary. For every year of its existence I made a chair out of brokenchairparts to visualize true recycling. When something is broken it will get replaced very easily and by doing so we throw away very usable materials while we could celebrate our creativity and try to fix it. The 25 chairs are all mounted with bolts, screws,  and tiewraps. Easy does it. Project RE/MATTERS chair will be on show at UPSIDE CLUB.

See all 25 RE/MATTER chairs here



Rijksmuseum Lockers project.

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