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"For me the most important idea behind every design I make is how can I make this an object or product that will last a lifetime, or even longer. Besides sustainable materials from the right sources it is important that it has a story. We love to tell stories. And when a good story fits meets design you could possibly have created a conversation piece that will become a heirloom. Let’s rethink and regenerate for a better future for all living beings."

Brian Kersbergen is a Dutch designer based in Amsterdam. Between 2007 and 2022 his work has been on show on 63 national- and international art manifestations,  10 solo shows and was nominated for 5 awards for design and curating future design thinkers. studio briankersbergen is focusing mainly to make conversation pieces with a strong emphasis on creating harmony in the world. He teaches design and is a frequently asked guest speaker.

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